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Building Forts

September 9, 2005

Strategypage says the US Military is building a network of forts in Iraq to stop insurgents from crossing the borders:

The American plan is a series of 300 fortified bases or forts, and a force of 32,000 new border guard troops. At the moment, there are only 12,000 people in the border force, and only about half the forts and bases are completed, or under construction.Many of the border bases will, literally, be concrete forts, with four turrets and metal doors and gates. Normally, each fort holds a shift of two or three dozen border guards (some of whom are always out on patrol or manning a road block.) Firing slits are built into the roof parapets. Each of the four turrets has three firing ports as well. Each fort also have two generators, and air conditioners for some of the rooms. Supplies of fuel, food and water are kept on hand, to enable the fort to withstand a siege of several days.

Hmmmm. Might not be a bad idea to rebuild the forts on our own borders!!!


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