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September 6, 2006

Japan Looking to Expand Missile Defense & Military Spending. Anybody is Asia worried?

No Frills F-22 Raptor for US Allies. Why not build a no-frills fighter for the US, one we can afford?

U.S. test missile hits a Korean bull’s-eye. You win some, you lose some.

Army Recieves Stryker Mobile Gun System. The future of landwar.

Non Line-of-Sight-Launch System for Littoral Combat Ship. Fires the Precision Attack Missile.

High Cost may Slow F-22 Raptor. Maybe we need a no-frills version.

The democratization of cruise missile technology. Like the AK-47 was to the Cold War, the cruise missile is today.

Israel Wants to Jam Satellites. Anything to stop Al-Jazeer.

Russian Navy Gets stealth gunboat. Their whole fleet is stealthy: it disaapeared in the last 10 years.

Israeli Navy was warned. They just wouldn’t listen.

Japan launches sixth Aegis warship. Six and counting.

Iranian Submarine Launched Missiles. So we’re told.

The Navy’s Smallest ‘Aircraft Carrier’. Pilots have to start somewhere.

Five Italian warships to Lebanon.

Captain Glenn Ford, USNR (Ret.) Rest in Peace!

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