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April 25, 2007

Manufacturing War Machines. Not as easy as you think.

Israel Orders 3500 GP Bombs. Iran should worry, and Hezbollah too!

Armored Vehicles 101. By Canadian general Lewis Mackenzie.

FORCE PROTECTION AT DODGE AVENGER 500. The maker of armored vehicles at NASCAR.

The Elusive C-130 Replacement, The hunt for the new Hercules!

Ambush Mentality Drives New Military Technology. Time to go on the offensive!

The Army’s New Land Warrior Gear: Why Soldiers Don’t Like It.

Estimates of US Aircraft Costs. Where your taxes go.

Soon our robots will battle theirs. Time for the Terminator!

The Navy and FORCEnet. The fleet readies for future war.

Australia’s Future Fleet. Planning now for the Navy after the next.

Massive War Games off Scotland. NATO in action!

ITALY: New Navy aircraft carrier ready in 2008. The Andrea Doria!

Full Steam for RN Carriers. Britain’s first supercarrier!

Stiletto may benefit from LCS woes. The original Streetfighter!

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