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Obama calls for Civilian National Security Force

November 2, 2008

First question which comes to mind, is what will it be used for? I would like to think he is seeking a Thomas Barnett style Sys Admin force which would be handy in helping rebuild nations or perhaps even mobilized for disaster relief ala Hurricane Katrina.

What I fear he is speaking of is are political shock troops which will be controlled by and beholden to liberals. Obama’s socialist leanings provide him with an inherent bias against traditional standing armed forces, which he seems to think are only good for bombing civilians in Afghanistan. What comes to mind also are Revolutionary Guard, paramilitary forces of some Third World countries, which again protect a radical regime from the more conservative traditional armed forces.

A more ominous notion are the rogue militias which bring so much havoc and destruction to African nation, most of which are dominated by socialist governments, keeping that continent in a constant state of chaos.

Captain’s Journal has some thoughts of his own.

Update-Rob at The Newz Fix echoes my own personal misgivings.


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