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Outstanding Quote

February 6, 2009

Update below.

Via the Washington Post comes this on where all the defense funds are going. Here is Jacques Gansler, “a Pentagon weapons buyer under former president Bill Clinton who served as an adviser to Obama’s campaign”:

“The budget is primarily on ships, planes and tanks.”We’ll see reductions because these are so expensive.”

This is considered notable because we were just discussing this subject in the comments. Ships, planes, and tanks have become so expensive because they are still central in US military thought, when the real revolution in weaponry are with new computerized weaponry, such as smart bombs and missiles, robot planes and increasingly drone land and sea vehicles, as well as advanced sensors.  These smaller gadgets which can be produced quickly and bought in large numbers are in direct contrast to the costly platforms we obsess with, which are shrinking in numbers for this reason, and forced to serve far longer than the builders initially planned.

Update-On the bright side, considering  how few planes, ships, and tanks we get for the many billions we spend on them these days, when the cuts come it is no big loss. Three DDG-1000 destroyers out of a 300 ship navy? Big deal!

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