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Sea Links

February 6, 2009

090204-N-3931M-427SHAME! Ransom money is dropped in the vicinity of the MV Faina off the coast of Somalia near Hobyo while under observation by a U.S. Navy ship.

Hijackers of Ukrainian arms freighter get the booty.

China Forces Indian Sub to Surface?

U.S. Navy to Obama: More Battleships, Please.

HMS Endurance will return to Falklands’ Service.

China increases submarine patrols.

Indian-Russian Ties Are Chilling.

Israel wants EU, US navies to seize arms ships.

DDG-1000 destroyer cost surges.

New Destroyer Emerges in U.S. Plans.

Has Hamas Tested a C-802 Shore-to-Ship Missile off Gaza?

US seamen trained to fend off pirates.

Contractors market LCS boats to Navy.

Threat of naval clash off Korean Peninsula rises.

Retired Admiral Blasts US New Littoral Ship.

Israel Navy eyes US littoral combat ship.

Sweden to send naval vessels to Somalia.

HMS Ark Royal celebrates 30th Birthday.

Sri Lankan army captures Tiger submarines.

Video of LTTE Submarine Factory

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