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HMS Hermes: 50 Years of Service

March 8, 2009

hermesNow the INS Viraat, the former Royal Navy aircraft carrier and Falklands Vet HMS Hermes is celebrating her jubilee. From The Hindu:

INS Viraat, literally a giant, is unwinding at the snug repair dock of the Cochin Shipyard as it is tended to by a team of rejuvenation experts.

Come November 18 and the flagship of the Indian Navy, the sole aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean region, will celebrate the golden jubilee of its commissioning into the Royal British Navy as HMS Hermes.

In the fifty years of its glorious service in the two navies, the carrier has weathered many a storm, the most tenacious being the part it played in the Falklands action, but the gutsy jumbo is still raring to go. Commissioned into the Indian Navy in 1987, the trusted fleet air defence platform projects India’s maritime and air power in South Asia.

A truly historic warship, conceived when Britain was still an Empire, and India was a part of that Empire! More from Wikipedia.


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