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Outstanding Quote

March 9, 2009

From Galrahn, who says what we all are thinking about the new so-called destroyer the Navy (or at least Congress)wants:

There is nothing smart about the DDG-1000 program right now, and quite honestly, it is outright shocking just how stupid the DDG-1000 program makes the Navy look upon reflection of where the Navy has been and where the Navy is with this program.

What were they thinking? Trying to send a 14,400 ton warship into the littorals? A suicide speed boat worth less than a fraction would make short work of such a monster in the shallow seas. Previously I wrote on this subject in an article titled “The Last Dinosaur“:

The naming of Zumwalt comes at a time when the Navy’s big ships are being utilized to chase 21st Century pirates off the coast of Africa and elsewhere. Giant Aegis equipped cruisers and destroyers designed to match the old Soviet Navy’s force of heavy carriers and nuclear submarines must now battle a foe armed with machine guns, AK-47s, and rocket propelled grenades. During the USS Cole incident of 2000, a tiny speed boat full of TNT managed to wreck one of these super-ships, and place her out of commission for over a year.

History provides a further lesson of the folly of using large warships to chase pirates into coastal waters. In 1803, the sailing frigate USS Philadelphia ran aground off the coast of Tripoli while chasing a Barbary Pirate. A brilliant commando raid with a borrowed Arab vessel led to the Americans retaking and burning the stranded ship, but the fact remains the Philadelphia was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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