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Sea Links

March 20, 2009

090309-N-4774B-066The Pakistani Tariz-class frigate Tippu Sultan (FFGH 185) passes United States Coast Guard high-endurance cutter Boutwell (WHEC 719).

A petition to the Navy re: Cong. Murtha.

A Mothership for Stiletto.

Navy sticks to the 25 Mile Limit with Marine EFV.

Navy Surface Force in Deep Trouble.

Bangladesh Navy’s submarine procurement program. (photos!)

Pentagon may sink plans for destroyer scheduled for BIW.

China may boost patrols in South China Sea.

Japan Commissions Helicopter Carrier Hyuga.

UK leads as navies deployed in Far East.

High Speed Vessels Get German Engines.

The Littoral Combat Ship Debacle.

U.S. Cruiser Totaled By A Sand Bar.

Interactive Aircraft Carrier. (Fun)

Navies Combat Somali Pirates With Choppers, Internet Chat Room.

RN Destroyers ‘late and over budget’.

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