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May 8, 2009
USS Freedom (LCS-1)

USS Freedom (LCS-1)

The littoral combat ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) pulls into port at Robinson Terminal in Old Town Alexandria, Va.


US Navy

USN Shipbuilding Plans for 2010.

USS Freedom: Quicker, High-Tech and Pirate-Proofed.

General Dynamics Awarded Contract for Additional Trimaran LCS.

Chinese Vessels Harass Second USN Ship.

Fire Scout UAV Completes Second Test Period Onboard USS McInerney (FFG-8).

Keel layed for attack sub California.



Mexican ship Mina (F-214)

Mexican ship Mina (F-214)

Warships of the World

 Royal Navy Bases face major shakeup.

Royal Navy’s Secret Harrier Reserve.

All Four French and Italian Horizon-class Frigates Gather at La Spezia. (photos)

Antiship Missiles Engage Diverse Targets.

Australian Navy’s Dirty Dozen.

Australian Navy Winner in New White Paper.

Singapore Navy launches second stealth frigate.

Daewoo to Export 4 Warships to Indonesia.

Italy Builds An Iraqi Flagship.

New Zealand rejects Aussie built warships.


Tackling Pirates

USNS Lewis and Clark Prevents Suspected Piracy Attack.

Ex-hostage Captain Richard Phillips Testifies Before Senate.

Pirate attacks prompt a call to arm ships.

South Korean Navy Saves North Korean Ship From Somali Pirates.

German Elite Troop Abandons Plan to Free Pirate Hostages.

Pirates Attack French Warship By Mistake. (Doh!)


poster3From the Navy Vaults

HMS Hood stones to be refurbished.

Earl Jellicoe of Scapa. (War and Game)

A Whale Returns to Sea. (EA-3B Skywarrior)

Battle of the Coral Sea, 7-8 May 1942.

Britain’s special forces get new mini-sub.

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