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Saw this coming…

May 9, 2009

The Navy is realizing that it can’t even afford a 313 ship navy, the minimum some experts say is needed for modern threats. From Navy Times:

The Navy appears to be backing off its oft-stated goal of building a fleet of at least 313 ships. Instead, a Navy budget official said May 7, the goal could change as part of the upcoming Quadrennial Defense Review…

Navy spokesman Lt. Clay Doss said that for now, the Navy’s official goal remained a fleet of at least 313 ships, but he said that number came from analysis involved with the 2006 QDR. It wouldn’t be appropriate for the Navy to say it was going into this year’s QDR committed to making the case for 313, Doss said.

Anyone remember when the goal was for 375 ships by the next decade? And the 600 ship navy is now just a fond memory. Such a smaller, stretched thin fleet will continue to be the USN’s future as it constructs only billion-dollar warships, and calls a half billion dollar frigate “low cost” and “affordable”.

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