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Sea Links

May 15, 2009

090513-N-5188B-014Being escorted by a tug, Virginia-class attack submarine USS Hawaii (SSN 776) makes it’s way down the Thames River past the historic ship Nautilus.


US Navy

Navy Decommissions USS Kitty Hawk.

USS Florida Returns from Maiden SSGN Deployment.

Navy Takes Delivery of Aircraft Carrier George H.W. Bush.

Electric Boat Speeds Up Sub Construction.

U.S. Navy Testing Anti-Small-Boat Missile.

Cold War-era force dominates new Navy budget.

Navy Fares OK in Slimmed Down Budget.

Administration releases FY2010 Navy shipbuilding request. (detailed)



Aircraft Carrier Varyag

Aircraft Carrier Varyag

Warships of the World



 Varyag aircraft carrier mystery deepens.

Russia’s newest frigate starts final sea trials in Baltic Sea.

Asia to spend $60B on navies in 5 years.

Israel Unveils Mini-Aegis Missile.

Canadian Sub Problems Continue.

Submarines a priority in Pacific naval buildup.

Royal Navy Celebrates A Century Of Flying.


Tackling Pirates

Swedish anti-pirate fleet lacks proper protection.

Misguided Restraint Against Somali Pirates Will Only Escalate Attacks.

SOLARZ/O’HANLON: The convoy solution.



Greek Galleys

Greek Galleys

From the Navy Vaults



 Warfare at Sea-China (Cog and Galley)

The Seige of Minorca. (War and Game)

US Shipbuilding History. (Tim Colton)

Solving Pirating the Ancient Way. (Great History)

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