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Breaking: Tamil Tiger’s Concede Defeat

May 17, 2009

The decades long Sri Lankan Civil War appears to reach a climax as the rebel LTTE, Tamil Tigers, one of the world’s most notorious and brutal terrorist organizations (practically inventing the suicide bomber), expresses their willingness to lay down their arms. From the Associated Press:

The Tamil Tiger rebels admitted defeat in their 25-year-old war with the Sri Lankan government Sunday, offering to lay down their guns as government forces swept across their last strongholds in the northeast.

The government rejected the last-ditch call for a cease-fire, saying the thousands of civilians trapped in the war zone all have escaped to safety and there was no longer any reason to stop the battle. The military said the remaining guerrillas were still fighting.

Apparently, having rescued the thousands of hostages which the rebels were using as human shields, the government is in no mood to be magnanimous, and we can understand. UN ceasefires are usually the last hope for bullies who are desperate to portray themselves as victims, but usually take up arms to renew the fight as soon as the smoke clears. A great day for the Sri Lankan people, who deserve a hard-won and hopefully lasting peace.

For New Wars’ analysis on this conflict, click on the Sri Lankan tag above.

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