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Sea Links

May 29, 2009


Iraqi Patrol Boat

Iraqi Patrol Boat

US Navy


N. Korea threatens to attack U.S. warships.

Navy shipbuilding is a mess.

GAO: Civilians better at buying ships than Navy.

Former Sec. Lehman blasts Navy shipbuilding.

Joint High Speed Vessel work progresses.                                                                                                                                           


Warships of the World


 Sri Lanka Navy foiled LTTE master plan.

Submarines versus the Chinese Fleet.

Chinese Naval Aviators Train in Brazil.

Canadian Joint Supply Ships Further Delayed.

New Destroyer Does Olympic Coverage.

Britain rearms itself for a vanished age.

Australia eyes LCS concepts for new multirole ship.                                                                                                                


Tackling Pirates


Swedish navy arrests pirates off Somali coast.

Nigerian navy foils attack on offshore oil facility.

Iran sends warships to Gulf of Aden.

HMCS Winnipeg thwarts pirate attack.

Incat’s High Speed Ferry Anti-Piracy Plan.

Norfolk-based cargo ship dodges pirates off Somalia.


From the Navy Vaults


 HMS Exeter: last Falklands ship retires from service.

Naval Warfare in China 19th Century. (War and Game)

A History of Sea Power (E book at Gutenberg)

The Battle of Tsushima Strait. (RussoJapanese

May 27, 1941: Sink the Bismarck! (Wired)


HMS Exeter (D89)

HMS Exeter (D89)

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