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June 5, 2009


Bataan Amphibious Ready Group underway in the Atlantic.

Bataan Amphibious Ready Group underway in the Atlantic.

Note-Yours truly is off to the port of Charleston and Patriots Point with my nephew to visit the USS Yorktown and other ships in the naval museum, while it is still intact. Hope to have a few pics to share with you later. Have a great day!


US Navy


Congressman wants Navy shipbuilding plan, now.

LCS now over $700 million each.

US Navy Fire Scout Shines At Sea.


Warships of the World


Vietnam People’s Navy + Kilo subs.

India To Lease Nerpa Submarine Before Year End.

Software Glitch Cripples Korean Aegis Destroyer.

UK Army and Navy clash over ships.

Sri Lanka Navy takes part in National Victory Parade.

The Admiral Who Defeated the Tigers.

South Korea sends missile boat North.

Brazil’s Nuclear Submarine Program.

Pakistan may acquire ‘retired’ Type 42 Batch destroyers from UK.

Indian Navy is going great guns.

Loose Screws Embarrass The Swiss And Germans.

British-Spanish duel over Gibraltar continues.

Kuwait Has A Need For Speed.

Russian Navy ship shells village near St Petersburg.


Tackling Pirates


HMS Portland Sinks Pirate Vessel.

10 Shocking Facts About Modern-Day Pirates.

Israelis are Fighting Pirates at Sea.

Malaysia deploys Q-ship to battle pirates.


From the Navy Vaults


Revealed: The Scots pilot who sank the Bismarck.

Moviemakers are drawn to Battleship Alabama.

USN Carrier-based Air Order of Battle at Midway.

Noah’s Ark. (Cog and Galley)


 French Navy destroyer FS Forbin (D620)

French Navy destroyer FS Forbin (D620)

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