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August 7, 2009
The guided-missile submarine USS Georgia (SSGN 729) transits the St. Marys River.

The guided-missile submarine USS Georgia (SSGN 729) transits the St. Marys River.

US Navy


Dawn of the Flying Sub.

Aegis Hits Another One.

Aegis BMD Test Successful.

U.S. Ships in Sim North Korea Missile Smackdown.

Lockheed Martin Team Submits LCS FY10 Proposal To US Navy.

Warship christened at Maine shipyard for NY Marine.

Boeing Debuts P-8 Poseidon Patrol Jet.


Warships of the World


U.S. to transfer frigate to Pakistan Navy.

Russian Submarine Deployment A ’Political’ Move.

Chinese warship to anchor at Indian port.

China Beats U.S. in Simulated Taiwan Air War.

Russian Yakhont Missile to deploy on Syria’s Coastline?

Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of U.S.

India to Renegotiate Gorshkov Deal.

Soviet warship turns into India’s white elephant.

Indian Navy to add 125 more ultra modern Warships and many submarines.

Corvettes for India and the UAE.

Royal Navy of Oman launches first Corvette.

French Aircraft Carrier Sails Without Nukes.

Royal Navy’s Taurus Task Force returns home.

Russia may order amphibious assault ship from France.

Pakistan:Choosing French Submarine over German?

Iran’s Navy Eyes Expansion of Vessel Production.


Tackling Pirates


S. Korean Naval Forces Capture Pirates off Somalia.

Norwegian frigate to hunt Somali pirates.

Piracy appears in the Baltic.

NKorea silent on SKorean boat crew.

RN Frigates Seize Taliban Drugs.


From the Navy Valuts


Battle of Naupactus (429 BC). Wikipedia

Battle of Taranto-(1940). Royal Navy

Raid on the Medway (1667).

Battle of the Coral Sea (1942). All Hands

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