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Arctic Sea hijackers charged with piracy

August 28, 2009

Well, whatever your favorite conspiracy theory concerning the vanishing and reappearance of MV Arctic Sea early this month, the Russians are sticking with the piracy angle and charging the 8 captors of the Malta flagged cargo ship accordingly. This is from ITAR-TASS:

The Investigations Committee of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office (SKP) has brought charges of piracy and kidnapping against all the eight captors of the Arctic Sea vessel, SKP spokesman Vladimir Markin told Itar-Tass on Thursday.

“On the strength of the gathered evidence, seven captors have been charged with complicity in the commission of the crimes covered by Article 227, Part 3 and Article 126, Item “a”, Part 3 (piracy and kidnapping committed with the use violence and arms by organized group). The eighth suspect has been charged with masterminding the above crimes,” Markin said.

“Investigators have ascertained that the suspects, acting as organized group, with the view of realizing one criminal intent, aimed at the capture of property – the Arctic Sea bulk carrier and its cargo…

And what about that strange cargo?

“At present, the investigators have no information that the vessel might be carrying any forbidden cargo,” Markin said, “the SKP states that all information about the investigation into this criminal case is timely provided to the mass media, in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation.”

So thats that. We may never know the real truth but the authorities are going with the evidence at hand. We may can’t be sure if the Israeli Mossad was involved or Space Aliens, and especially about the cargo, which apparently wasn’t timber, and could have been WMDs or SAM missiles.

You have to admit though, the myths sounds better than the truth we are told!

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