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Arctic Sea Story Breaker Flees Russia

September 4, 2009

See Update below.

Thanks to Eagle1 for the tip. Here is another strange twist in the ongoing MV Arctic Sea mystery, as the journalist who broke the story and now claims there were illegal weapons aboard, flees for his life. From the BBC:

(Mikhail) Voitenko – who was among the first to cast doubt on official explanations about the ship’s disappearance – told the BBC it was nonsense to suggest pirates had been involved. Eight men have been charged with hijacking and piracy over the case Instead he suggested the ship may have been carrying a secret shipment of weapons as part of a private business deal by state officials.

 Speaking to the BBC from Turkey, Mr Voitenko said he had received a threatening phone call from “serious people” whom he suggested may have been members of Russia’s intelligence agency, the FSB…”As long as I am out of Russia I feel safe,” Mr Voitenko told the BBC. “At least they won’t be able to get me back to Russia and convict [me].”

The journalist goes on to claim NATO was aware of “what happened to the Arctic Sea”. Does this mean they knew of an Israeli operation to intercept what was apparently an illegal arms shipment?

Update-Eagle1 reports on Mysteries within mysteries, and a possible hoax? Thanks to a keen-eyed reader!

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  1. September 4, 2009 3:01 pm


    Eagle1 is now reporting that this ‘news item’ regarding Voitenko may be a hoax.

    Another twist of the never-ending screw…

  2. Hudson permalink
    September 4, 2009 1:02 pm

    Mike, thanks for the update of this fascinating story. If Israel was involved, it would go to show how this small country with a tiny fleet is, nonetheless, able to maintain a worldwide naval presence.

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