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Revised Categories

September 26, 2009

I never intended for this to be a “Navy Centric” blog though this is where my interest has led me over the years. My concern over the falling fortunes of Western seapower have guided the posts lately in this direction, so I’ve decided not to fight it. Though there will be an occasional post on the subject of either Landpower or Airpower, I’ve decided to expand several Seapower topics I post the most on into categories of their own. Specifically these new ones will be :

  • Aircraft Carrier Alternatives-On the declining fortunes of the large deck aircraft carrier, and lower costs alternatives.
  • New Battleships-America’s Aegis Cruisers and Destroyers plus their foreign equivalents.
  • New Cruisers-“Cruiser” in the historical sense. Ships geared for commerce protection and warfare close to shore (other than the LCS). Corvettes, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Fast Attack Craft, and Motherships. Also the Littoral Combat Ship and Amphibious Warfare.
  • Royal Navy-A subject near and dear to my heart!
  • Submarines-Could actually fit in either battleship or cruiser category. Given its unique abilities for diving and stealth, it gets a category all its own.

Please bear with me over the weekend as I try to place older posts in their proper category. As always, thanks for your interest which makes this all worthwhile! (Also keep watch for the new category cloud on the homepage)

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  1. Mike Burleson permalink*
    September 27, 2009 3:31 pm

    Lee, thats a good topic but I rarely post on sealift to justify a category.

  2. leesea permalink
    September 27, 2009 12:10 pm

    Mike I don’t know if you tag Sealift as a category now, but you should. There are many discussions which belong under that:

    Seabasing (not an exclusively Marine operation)
    Merchant Marine ship protection (both ship and LOC protection ala convoy ops)
    Use of sealift ships in support of military operations (as opposed to psuedo-amphnibs the Marines want!)
    MSC’s Afloat Prepositioning Force and Strategic Sealift Force made up govt owned ships under MSC and MARAD’s RRF plus chartered ships
    Sealift as a means of transportation for our ecomomy’s materials (the US as an island nation)

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