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October 16, 2009
The Republic of Korea navy destroyer Kang Gam Chan (DDH 979) underway in the Pacific Ocean.

The Republic of Korea navy destroyer Kang Gam Chan (DDH 979) underway in the Pacific Ocean.

US Navy


USS Freedom to Deploy Early. More. Still More.

Navy To Unveil LCS Package.

Navy will begin retests of LCS Independence this week.

USS Helena commander talks about critical role of submarines.

Sailors take aim at new recruiting slogan. More. Even More. Yet More.

Navy secretary seeks greener fleet. More. More. Even More.

Adm. Gary Roughead favors older ships.

Aegis pioneer honored at commissioning of DDG.

US Aegis ships in Israeli missile exercise.

General Dynamics To Build Extra Submarine Thanks To Congress.


Warships of the World


Burma, Bangladesh in Warship Standoff. More.

North Korea warns of naval clash. More.

First Corvette for the Royal Navy of Oman is Launched.

New Missions for the Japanese Navy?

Korea to Develop Aegis Class Frigate. More. More.

S.K. investigates fraud allegations over U.S. radar for navy ships.

UK Royal Navy to test fast landing craft.

Type-212 vs Type-214 German submarines explained.

Israeli subs versus Iran.

Irish Navy scuttles new plan for cheaper, faster patrol boats.

Yushchenko pressing for development of new Ukrainian corvette.

Russia to dismantle 191 nuclear submarines by late 2010.

Iran Develops Missile Boat, Looks to Build Blue Water Navy.

Taiwans Secret New Littoral Warship.

Asia’s rising powers thrive on maritime capabilities.

India gives names to 3 frigates built by Russia.

North Korea Practices Access Denial, Fires Missiles.

3 More FREMMs Frigates Ordered for French Navy.


Tackling Pirates


Iranian Naval Patrols Mystify Pirate-Hunting Coalition.

Somali pirate error ends with 5 in French brig. More.

MV Arctic Sea-More Questions About a Hijacked Ship.

Indian Air Force ready to join anti-piracy operations.

Fighting the modern pirate.

Merchant Crews Gain Upper Hand in Pirate Fight.


 From the Navy Vaults


The Navy: 234 years young. More.

Loss of Armored Ships: Battle of Tsushima. (Air, Land, and Sea)

The Solomons Campaign: Operation Vengeance – The Shootdown Of Yamamoto. (Steeljaw Scribe)

Sunday Ship History: Early Vertical. (EagleSpeak)

D-Day Kriegsmarine. (War and Game)

Original USS Olympia still floats at Philadelphia museum. (The Olympian)

Famous War of 1812 officers later led Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. (Mobile Citizen)

Iberian Naval Power 1000-1650 Pt 1. (War and Game)

A dark chapter of war remembered-HMS Royal Oak. (BBC News) More. Even More. Still More.

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  1. Mike Burleson permalink*
    October 16, 2009 12:58 pm

    Their resemblence to the WW 2 U-boats in their functions, the Type VII and Type IX, is interesting, perhaps uncanny!

  2. Heretic permalink
    October 16, 2009 10:16 am

    Thanks Mike for the Type-212 vs Type-214 article. I’d been wondering for some time what the “major” difference between the two was … aside from the 10 years of time between development.

    As the article makes clear, the Type-212 trades diving depth for reduced magnetic signature … which is an advantage in shallow waters (see: Baltic Sea). The Type-214 trades increased magnetic signature for increased diving depth … which is an advantage in blue water, deep ocean operations. This is not necessarily an obvious point of distinction, but it makes clear that even for conventional submarines it is “important” to determine in the design phase whether you’re more interested in deep or shallow operations when it comes time to build your subs … because that determines what kind of steel you’re going to be using (if you’re using steel hulls).

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