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October 23, 2009
 The oldest commissioned warship afloat, USS Constitution, went to sea on her 212th birthday.

The oldest commissioned warship afloat, USS Constitution, went to sea on her 212th birthday.

US Navy


Navy plans massive cuts in fossil fuel use.

Alabama-built warship tops out at more than 50 mph.

After delays, LCS 2 completes builder trials.

Northrop Grumman Invests In Naval Fire Scout.

Navy Conducts First Successful Structural Test Firing for LCS Gun.

Navy to Commission Energy-Efficient Amphibious Assault Ship Makin Island.

USS Anzio Seizes Four Tons of Narcotics.

Submarine Virginia begins 1st full deployment.

O.C. might get look at futuristic warship.

In-demand riverines may add 4th squadron.


Warships of the World


Beijing to build large destroyers.

China Moves to Project Air Power With Soviet Carrier Overhaul.

China’s concrete aircraft carrier.

Subs That Fear Going To Sea.

Learning to share the oceans with China.

Greece and Germany close to sub agreement.

Thousands see latest Royal Navy destroyer launched. More. More. Still More. Even More.

Engine problems cripple Collins-class submarines. More.

Update On Australian Air Warfare Destroyer Project.

Little Hope for Taiwan Sub Procurement.

Zombie Frigates Roam The Balkans.

NATO Approves Israel’s Inclusion In Naval Maneuvers.

Iraqi navy gets second Italian patrol ship.

The Speedboat And National Security.


Tackling Pirates


Somali pirates seize Chinese ship with 25 crew.

Combating Piracy: The computer mouse is mightier than the sword.

Return to Somalia’s pirate coast.

Puntland jails eight pirates.


From the Navy Vaults


Hundreds Join Old Ironsides’ Return to Sea for 212th Birthday. (Navy News)

A Look at the Birth of the Continental Navy. (Navy News)

1983 Beirut Bombing-A Blast That Still Echoes. (USNI Blog)

Why the Navy needs more ships-Milan Vego. (Armed Forces Journal)

Full gun salute to mark historic battle. (Times of Malta)

Flag that flew at Battle of Trafalgar sells for record-breaking £384,000.  (Daily Mail) More.

On War #318: Operation Albion. (Defense and the National Interest)

Obi Wan Kenobi Goes to War. (Strategypage)

North and South Korea have history of naval battles. (Raleigh Examiner)

The English and War at Sea 1200-1500 Part 1. Part 2. (Cog and Galley)

The Influence of Seapower Upon Small Wars-pdf. (Small Wars Journal)

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  1. Mike Burleson permalink*
    October 23, 2009 7:19 pm

    Heretic, let me think about that to see if I can fit it in. I remember that as well and Galrahn’s “Fantasy Shipbuilding”.

  2. Heretic permalink
    October 23, 2009 4:49 pm

    Mike, I’d like to ask you to reprise a couple of games that our friend David Axe ran a couple years back:

    Build Your Own Air Force
    Build Your Own Navy

    These were wonderful “so you think you can procurement?” sorts of back-of-napkin exercises/games, that really brought home what it takes (and what it costs) to try and allocate finite resources to meet the needs of the services. I’d love to see these games updated, with more current pricing information (courtesy of this year’s DoD budget) and rerun here at New Wars … just so the regular posters here can “put their money where their mouth is” regarding how the USAF and USN “ought to be” structured.

    And if you can find pricing info for additional non-US items … such as Gripen NG, Eurofighter, Skjold, Type-212/Type-214 subs, Absalon, Gotland, Visby, etc. etc. etc. … to throw into the mix, it could make things even more interesting to play.

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