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Arctic Sea Theories Compiled

November 9, 2009
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An excellent report over at the Times Online, detailing what is known about the MV Arctic Sea hijacking mystery. Also they add even more questions to the story worthy of a spy novel:

WEAPONS CARGO Arctic Sea carrying secret arms cargo. Mossad tipped off Russians.

For Kremlin sent warship to track it down and treated incident with secrecy.

Against Hard to conceal arms on board. Impossible to remove them without unloading cargo at sea.

ACT OF PIRACY Ship hijacked for ransom.

For Alleged pirates demanded €1.5m.

Against First act of piracy in European waters in centuries. How did they think they could get away with it?

INSURANCE SCAM Ship taken to cash in on insurance premium.

For Insured for $4m. Paid if ship sunk or vanished.

Against Damage to shipowner’s reputation.

THEFT OF SHIP Pirates wanted to sell ship in rogue country where it could be re-registered.

For Alleged pirates caught off coast of Africa. They asked crew value of cargo.

Against Difficult to set up without good local contacts.

COMMERCIAL RIVALRY Owners fell out with a business partner.

For Ship’s owners terminated contract with maintenance company.

Against Both organizations claim to have parted amicably.

I have always been a fan of sea mysteries and tales. This certainly belongs to this category as one of the great ones.

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  1. Mike Burleson permalink*
    December 4, 2009 5:57 am

    Sorry Jasmine! It is “Arctic Sea” Theories, the name of the Russian ship apparently captured by pirates in the English Channel recently, instead of Arctic “sea theories”. Good luck on your research! Wikipedia is a good reference and always check their sources as well!

  2. December 3, 2009 8:59 pm

    This told me nuthin about sea theoris. I’m trying to do a hmk assignment and this just doesn’t help

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