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April 16, 2010

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) launches a standard missile (SM-2) during a missile exercise near Okinawa.

US Navy

USN To Name Gator For Late Congressman Murtha.

LCS Independence arrives at Naval Station Norfolk.

Navy Christens Guided Missile Destroyer William P. Lawrence.

Docs Say F-35B Too Hot, Noisy.

Carrier Enterprise gears up for underway time.


Warships of the World

Sunken South Korean Warship Raised. More. More.

Heads expected to roll in Korean naval disaster.

NATO countries begin ‘Brilliant Mariner’ naval exercise. More.

Russian nuclear cruiser makes port call in Syria.

Russian heavy cruiser sent to the Gulf.

HMS Sceptre to be decommissioned.

Progress made on Queen Elizabeth carrier. More.

Future Surface Combatant contract brings jobs to Bristol.

Royal Air Force Cut Means “Stealthy” Hit on Royal Navy.

Japan says China subs, warships came near Okinawa.

Image of Taiwan Carrier Killer Corvette.

China Enters the Aircraft Carrier Club.

Sweden to invest in new submarines.

Carrier battle groups to add muscle to Indian Navy.

Industry joins forces to build Canadian Arctic Ships.


New Wars at Sea

Modern-Day Blackbeards.

Pirates fire on USS Ashland, lose their boat and freedom.

LCS 1 helo stops smugglers with sniper shots.

Navy dad foils Somali pirates.

Goods bound for Canada travel through ‘pirate alley’.

Warships fill up with pirates after Kenya balks.

Sweden takes Command of EU NAVFOR Task Force off Somalia.


From the Navy Vaults

From Monoreme to Trireme. (Pauline’s Pirates & Privateers)

On the New Orleans Station. (Pauline’s Pirates & Privateers)

Along the Thames.  (Pauline’s Pirates & Privateers)

How Honk and I Survived The Sinking of the Lady Lex. (Sea Classics)

Curious Rise of the Sea Dragon. (Sea Classics)

The Wolf That Ravaged the Pacific. (WSJ Book Excert)

Submarine Force to honor Triton’s historic voyage. (The Day)

USS Thresher sub disaster remembered. (Foster’s Daily Democrat)

 110 Years of Submarines. (Broadside Blog)

Carthaginian Malta. (War and Game)

Poem-The Marine. (Naval History Blog)


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  1. Mike Burleson permalink*
    April 16, 2010 6:22 pm

    I was thinking the same thing CBD!

  2. CBD permalink
    April 16, 2010 4:22 pm

    Oops, forgot to sign that last one.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    April 16, 2010 4:02 pm

    You know, that Taiwanese ship looks damn familiar.

  4. D. E. Reddick permalink
    April 16, 2010 2:34 pm

    USS Farragut (flagship of CTF-151) has once again disrupted an attack by Somali Pirates.

    US Navy thwarts Somali pirate seizure of ship (AFP)

    MANAMA — A US naval destroyer thwarted an attempt by suspected Somali pirates to seize a Thai-flagged ship in the Gulf of Aden on Friday, the multinational anti-piracy task force said.

    The bulk carrier MV Thor Traveler came under attack in the early hours by a skiff with seven suspected pirates who fired on it for 10 minutes with rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, a statement said.

    A distress call was answered by the USS Farragut, whose helicopter “located the suspected pirate skiff as it was attempting to escape. The helicopter used spotlights and smoke floats to warn the skiff to stop and witnessed the skiff throw items overboard.”

    It said a boarding team confiscated further “pirate paraphernalia,” and that the skiff was instructed to head back to the Somali coast.

    US destroyer chases pirates who fire RPGs at ship


    NAIROBI, Kenya — A U.S. destroyer hunted down a group of pirates who attacked a vessel in the Gulf of Aden with rocket-propelled grenades early Friday and chased them with a helicopter, officials said.

    The helicopter from the USS Farragut watched the pirates throw items — possibly weapons — overboard. A boarding team confiscated pirate paraphernalia and the skiff was instructed to return to the Somali coast, the Combined Maritime Forces said in a statement.

    The military said the pirates attacked the Thailand-flagged MV Thor Traveler with RPGs and rifles at 3 a.m. on a moonless morning.

  5. D. E. Reddick permalink
    April 16, 2010 10:12 am

    The Spanish Navy frigate Victoria captured and sank a Somali pirate mothership near the coast of Somalia today. Three pirates were taken off the ammunition and fuel-laden whaler. The mothership was destroyed and the pirates were placed ashore.

    Spanish Warship Destroys Pirate Mother Ship

    A European Union Naval Force said on Friday its Spanish warship destroyed a pirate mother ship off the coast of Somalia.

    The EU Force’s spokesman John Harbour said the warship, Victoria, tracked, boarded and destroyed the pirate mother ship early on Thursday. “On Thursday morning, an EU NAVFOR helicopter, from the Spanish ship Victoria, detected a Whaler with three suspected pirates onboard, just off the Somali coast,” Harbour said.

    He said the event, just off the coast of Somalia, showed that the EU Naval Force’s new, more robust strategy was working.

    “Victoria called upon the Whaler to stop but got no response. After warning shots were fired, a boarding was carried out. On inspection of the whaler, large amounts of fuel and ammunition were found,” he said.

    Harbour said although the individuals said they were fishermen, no fishing equipment was found, noting that the decision was made to dispose of the whaler and the three men on board were transported ashore.

    “The whaler was subsequently destroyed,” he said.

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