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May 21, 2010

The Royal Navy Invincible-class light aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal (RO7) arrives at Naval Station Norfolk.

Special-Cheonan Sinking: the Smoking Gun

Serial number found on torpedo fragments collected from sunken ship site.

Investigation Result on the Sinking of ROKS “Cheonan”(pdf).

N.Korea Threatens War Over Cheonan Report.

NK ‘Submarine detoured in West Sea’.

Gov’t warns against ‘groundless rumors’.

Stealthy mission that has brought neighbours close to war.

China holds the key to Korean peace.

S.Korean warning shots to drive away N.Korea ships.

U.S. Experts ‘Believe N.Korea Sank the Cheonan’.


US Navy

Navy Gets What it Wants in New Bill.

Gates takes aim at Navy procurement.

In a first, German frigate to sail under US command.

Northrop: Ford’s design issues minimal.

New Ford Class Flattop Construction Costs Still Climbing.

Review Cites Flaws in U.S. Antimissile Program. More. Rebuttal.

Gates hints China’s anti-ship threat may render carriers obsolete.

Air-Sea Battle: The Other Future. The Report (pdf).


Warships of the World

RUSI: Billions could be saved by scaling down Trident. More.

Trident: Deadly – and very, very expensive.

British, French sailors visit Norfolk ahead of joint exercises.

No way to run Canada’s navy.

Canada’s shipbuilding war heats up.

Canadian Navy Dodges Fleet Reductions.

China’s forces lack strong naval tradition.

Taiwan Inaugurates ‘Stealth’ Missile Boat Squadron.

Israeli Navy Wants Stealth Corvettes.


New Wars at Sea

Why Anti-Piracy Efforts off Somalia Are Doomed to Fail.

Russian warships to base in Djibouti port to fight piracy.

Royal Navy warship destroys pirate boats in Somali Basin. More.

The World’s Naval Powers Converge on Iran and the Strait of Hormuz.

Royal Navy patrol boat chases Spanish vessel out of Gibraltar waters.

On Piracy Patrol, Norwegian Super-Frigate Hamstrung by Radar, Missing Chopper.


From the Navy Vaults

Dunkirk ‘little ship’, Anne, restored and relaunched. (Practical Boat Owner)

Amphibious Warfare Part 1, Part 2. (War and Game)

Ironclads also clashed outside the waters of the United States. (War and Game)

Author represents last words on U-boat war. (Gavelston Daily News)

Small ship pivotal in beach patrols, rescue.

Royal Navy keeps no archive on sea monsters. (Google News)

Canada’s first subs bought by British Columbia. (Times Colonist)

British Sailors on Their Admirals. (Strategypage)

Democracy In The Golden Age of Piracy. (Pauline’s Pirates & Privateers)

Ships: Voyage Of Discovery. (Pauline’s Pirates & Privateers)

Homing pigeon helped get film of President Reagan honoring USS Stark sailors back to newsroom. (Florida Times-Union)

Russian warship honors Battle of Tsushima sailors. (Ria Novosti)

Naval Aviation Centennial: Blimp vs. U-boat. (The Year in Defense)


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  1. Heretic permalink
    May 24, 2010 1:31 pm

    Just in case anyone else tried playing the Stabilize the U.S. Debt game … here’s my answers to how to get to a sustainable 60% of GDP by 2018. ^_-


    Iraq and Afghanistan
    * Reduce Troops to 30,000 by 2013 = -$740B

    2001/2003 Tax Cuts
    * Allow All the Tax Cuts, Except for AMT Patches, to Expire = +$480B

    Discretionary Spending Growth
    * Adopt the Discretionary Spending Growth in the President’s Budget = +$680B


    Foreign Aid
    * Increase Foreign Economic Aid by 50% = +$110B

    Veterans’ Benefits
    * Expand Veteran’s Income Security Benefits = +$30B

    Increase Homeland Security = +$50B

    Troop Levels
    * Increase Number of troops by 46,000 = +$70B


    Cancel TARP and Rescind Unused ARRA Funds = -$350B


    Raise the Normal Retirement Age to 68 = -$110B

    Slow Initial Benefit Growth
    * Progressively Reduce Benefits, Protecting Low and Medium Earners = -$60B

    Increase Years Used to Calculate Benefits = -$40B

    Include all New State and Local Workers = -$80B

    Institute a Minimum Benefit = +$130B


    Modify Health Care Reform Law
    * Expand Coverage to an Addtional 5 Million People = +130B

    Increase Cost-Sharing for Medicare = -$100B

    Increase the Medicare Retirement Age to 67 = -$80B

    Modify Federal Medicaid Funding to States
    * Increase Average Matches from 57% to 60% = +$140B


    Eliminate Certain Outdated Programs = -$40B

    Cancel NASA Missions to the Moon and Mars = -$40B

    Reduce Farm Subsidies = -$80B

    Expand Spending on Federal Research & Development = +$100B

    Cut Earmarks in Half = -$80B

    Increase Mass Transit Funding = +$60B


    Impose Financial Crisis Responsibility Fee = -$80B

    Reform International Tax System = -$120B

    Enact Carbon Tax or Cap-and-Trade = -$330B

    Increase Gas Tax by 10 Cents per Gallon = -$80B

    Impose Surtax on Income above $1 million = -$190B

    Gradually Increase Payroll Tax by One Percentage Point = -$130B

    Raise Social Security Payroll Tax Cap
    * Raise Cap to Cover 90% of Earnings = -$420B

    Reduce Corporate Tax Rate from 35% to 30% = $390B

    Improve Tax Collection (Reduce Tax Gap) = -$20B


    Convert Mortgage Interest Deduction to a 20% Credit = -$190B

    Limit Itemized Deductions for High-Earners = -$250B

    Eliminate Subsidies for Biofuels = -$80B

    Make Research & Development Tax Credit Permanent = +$80B

    Extend “American Opportunity” College Tax Credit = +$60B

    Tax Treatment of Employer Sponsored Health Insurance
    * Begin Excise Tax on High-Cost Insurance Plans in 2013 Instead of 2018 = -$110B

    You reduced the debt to 60% of GDP in 2018, and kept it at a sustainable level through 2030.

  2. May 22, 2010 5:23 pm

    Mike B asked “what is your estimate of the UK cost?”

    In the region of £16billion; “we” are good at building these things. BAE Barrow is probably the most efficient British based part of the conglomerate; but they aren’t anywhere near Far East Asian standards in cost control. Though perhaps we are better than the US. A while back I had a long conversation with a gentlemen who worked on the missile tube section. He related how Electric Boat had a team for each part of the tube; the hatch, the tube, etc. etc. At BAE there was one team for whole sub-system.

    Mat R said “I nearly laughed my coffee out of my nose when I read that :o)”

    One has one’s moments.

  3. MatR permalink
    May 22, 2010 10:26 am

    X: “Should stay within their areas of competency; digging holes, pretending to be trees, shouting and stamping, and how to make a brew under fire.”

    I nearly laughed my coffee out of my nose when I read that :o)

  4. Mike Burleson permalink*
    May 22, 2010 9:53 am

    X wrote- “£100billion”

    Yikes! The 12 USN Trident ships are expected to price $100 billion USD.

    what is your estimate of the UK cost?

  5. May 22, 2010 9:10 am

    Mike B said “20 billion”

    During the GE the LidDems were putting the cost as a high £100billion. What they don’t factor in is that lot of our high-end engineering companies depend on contracts from BAE Barrow. Nuclear submarines are one of the few things we still build here in GB.

  6. Mike Burleson permalink*
    May 22, 2010 5:03 am

    I had heard 20 billion pounds for the UK Trident replacement, but that may have been an extreme estimate.

  7. Mike Burleson permalink*
    May 21, 2010 8:35 pm

    I get the feeling Trident will be scrapped on idealogical grounds, over security reasons, speaking of both sides of the Atlantic. We can afford these if we have the will, they just want to spend the money on other things, and the admirals and generals would rather have their toys than the basic necessities for defense.

  8. May 21, 2010 6:19 pm

    Re: Trident Costs. I don’t see how they come up with £11billion. The deterrent costs £1billion a year to run; about 3% of the budget. Of that only £250million goes towards the 4 Trident boats, the balance goes to Aldamaston. Even if they scrap a boat I just don’t see how they can come to that figure. Especially as the next gen’ will probably have even small crews. There is a reason why submarines are purchased in 4………

    Too many brown jobs at RUSI for anything they say on naval matters to be taken with any seriousness. Should stay within their areas of competency; digging holes, pretending to be trees, shouting and stamping, and how to make a brew under fire.

  9. Mike Burleson permalink*
    May 21, 2010 12:32 pm

    That was interesting Heretic. Thanks!

  10. Heretic permalink
    May 21, 2010 11:10 am

    Stabilize the U.S. Debt

    An online calculator/game for trying to bring the US Debt down by 2018. It’s only tangentially related to military budgeting issues (because a few of the choices include those sorts of things), but it’s interesting to see what kinds of choices are available in the larger budget picture … and how much of a mess the disaster(s) of 2001-2009 left the country in financially.

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