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Why Aren’t You Reading Tim Colton?

June 4, 2010

Thanks to Lee Wahler for initially referring me to Tim Colton a while back, and his excellent Maritime Memos, which keeps me informed on all doings of the Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine. It’s about shipping news in general, and browsing around the website you will also find historical info, charts, and databases for research purposes. Very informative! Where else would you read stuff like this concerning the BP Oil Disaster:

Well, as I said earlier, I’m sure that we are all totally distraught about the suffering among Louisiana fishermen.  But consider this.  The New York Times reports today (a) that the fishing areas that remain open are not being fished intensively, (b) only 6 of 10 tuna boats are going out, although they fish in another part of the Gulf altogether, and (c) despite the plentiful fish, many boat captains cannot find enough deckhands.  Such misery!

The only complaint I have, no RSS Feed! But don’t despair, because if you use Google’s News Reader you can just place the main link ( into the subscription box and it will let you know whenever Tim updates the Memos. Well worth the trouble!

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